How does slimfit can improve ypur fitness?

Elements of a healthy body’s shape and level of fitness stem from certain life choices such as how much the person exercises, their diet and eating habits, hormonal abnormalities, their family, and the type of climate where they come from. All of these different elements can modify someone’s skin, fat accumulation, and cellulite, leading to a poor physical shape.

People have always wanted to look healthy and fit without all of the hard work of changing their diet and their habits. Thankfully, that’s not a dream anymore. SlimFit has a specialized solution for each element.

اسلیم فیت


SlimFit uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat select areas of the body’s tissue in order to produce muscle contraction. This causes tissue lifting, tightening, effective reshaping, and new collagen formation in the area for lifted, soft and smooth skin.

SlimFit defines the latest generation in the evolution of professional diathermic skin and body treatment systems with innovative contraction probes. The device uses an exclusive six-wave technology and is a multi-frequency, phase-controlled, radiofrequency based diathermic solution for muscle contraction that is state-of-the-art, safe and effective.

SlimFit is designed with different methods of identification which enable it to select the best mode of therapy, enhance the effectiveness of the therapy session, and specify a selective pathological indication.


·         Radio jet with cool temperature

·         Non-invasive

·         Long-lasting

·         Full face and body treatment

·         No downtime

·         Fast

·         No pain

·         No side effects

·         No burns or injuries

·         No age limits

Potential for simultaneous treatment in skin, fat, and muscle

هندپیس اسلیم فیت 2


·         Treatment of all kinds of obesity

·         Muscle building without physical activity or risk of muscle and joint damage