What is Plexr Plus?

Plexr was created with a singular purpose in mind: To provide doctors with a device that would allow them to operate in certain situations where lasers or radio scalpels would be difficult or impossible to useTissues that conduct pain, both thermally and electrically speaking, have always been an obstacle to the perfect execution of the most common dermatological surgery procedures, as the diathermal current follows the shortest pathway which is usually unwanted. Depolarization of the free nerve endings also causes the unpleasant sensation of an electric shock that requires local anesthesia to bypass.
Plexr has many fields of use and utilizes our famous Non-Ablative Soft Surgery procedures in order to circumvent the more common problems that doctors have been confronted with during their operating procedures, such as the unpleasant pains and sensations a patient can feel. Our procedures and the techniques necessary to use Plexr make attending our first-and-second level courses essential for the use of the instrument.

هندپیس دستگاه پلکسر


  •          Suitable for many areas of the body
  •          Almost pain-free
  •          Low recovery time
  •          Simplicity of use
  •         Equipped with three light, calibrated handpieces
  •          Completely wireless instrument
  •          Extremely maneuverable and ergonomic
  •          High performance


Plexr represents the latest generation of instruments for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and doctors. It is the cornerstone of understanding and executing all of the Non-Ablative Soft Surgery procedure
This instrument uses the fourth state of matter, plasma, in order to do its job. The sublimation of the treated tissues is integral in avoiding the transmission of unwanted heat to the surrounding area and subcutaneous layer.

هندپیس پلکسر


Procedures that can be performed using Plexr:
· Blepharoplasty
· Face, neck and body lifting
· Lifting excess skin in upper limbs and abdomen
· Omphalo lifting
· Skin discoloration resolving treatment
· Treatment of periumbilical stretch marks
· Removal of fibromas, moles, keloids, warts, xantelasmas, and dyskeratosis
· Non-scar correction
· Non-pharmacological acne treatment
· Vulvoplasty
· Hemangiomas
· Wrinkles
· Spots
· Cysts
· Labiaplasty
· Non-surgical blepharoplasty
· Tattoo removal

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