mCare N6 is a connective tissue architecture and 100% natural solution to aged skin and fatty body.
All mCare protocols are FDA approved technologies for effective treatment of cellulite, local obesity ,and drainage treatments.
Restyle the body in non-invasive treatment via a combination of Endermoroll and Endermocup for optimized results.

mcare product


· effective treatment
· fast treatment
· painless treatment
· without downtime
· less cost for doctors and patients
· with a big LCD


mCare N6 mechanical pulses target fibroblast cells and fat tissues simultaneously so it is effective on collagenization, lifting and slimming.
Vacuum roller uses mechanical and non-invasive techniques to improve cell activities and skin stimulation.
How many cups does it have?
Curve cups are innovative ergonomic actuators to reshape the body rapidly.
Double curve cups are expert in de-fibrosis to treat chronic fibrotic cellulite and a single curve cup is specialized to deep fat.
Endermolift new cup: focus on details mini cup:
Facial lines and folds around eyes and eyelids, surgery and acne, scars, steria microcirculation, fibroblast stimulating, collagen regeneration lymphatic drainage, detoxification hypodermis activation, deep oxygenation.

وکیوم رولینگ


  • Cellulite treatment 
  • Size reduction
  • Orange peel skin remedy 
  • Lipolyze 
  • Face lift 
  • Neck and décolleté lift
  • Detoxification 
  • pain treatment


Vacuum massage Roller

· Vacuum massage roller
· Vacuum lifting roller
· Liposculpture Roller
· Double Curve Cup
· Single Curve Cup
· endermoPEN the new Vacuum lifting mini cup

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