Cavitation Liposweep

Medaria Cavitation, or “mCavi cavitation”, is the gold standard when it comes to erasing fat tissue, and is useful in removing remaining localized fat by liposuction or other non-invasive treatments like endermologie. mCavi can be used in tandem with radiofrequency, endermologie and lipotherapy as a complementary therapy for body-slimming.

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Administered correctly, mCavi is one of the best methods to treat local fat pockets effectively in a fast, low-risk manner.

The removal strong, high-density obesity in lower limbs is the most ideal application of this treatment, but mCavi is capable of tackling any targeted area. Results can be seen immediately after the first treatment, with more noticeable improvement in as little as three days.

Other features include:

·         Fast

·         Effective

·         Safe

·         User-friendly

·         A separate and practical handpiece

·         Resistant and permanent handpiece

·         Without any restriction for applying on body and face

·         Update capability to the last electrical safety standards


All cavitation systems utilize an ultrasound frequency, and each individual frequency has a special therapeutic effect that can remove fat cells in various depth and tissues.

Our mCavi cavitation is a professional therapeutic solution that creates thousands of microscopic air bubbles that surround the fat cell membrane, causing the cell to break up instantly. The broken lipocytes are then flushed to the liver and safely metabolized out of the human body alongside the steady consumption of water..

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  • Pain Physiotherapy
    Restorative Physiotherapy
    Cellulite removal and reduction
    Fibrosis reduction
    Improving medical results after liposuction and abdominoplasty
    Treatment of muscular spasm
    Reduction of pain and muscular spasm
    Increasing Lymphatic drainage in connective tissue
    Improved stimulation of blood flow


The ergonomic design of our handpiece is based on months of research on what professionals consider comfortable and functional at the same time in a handheld device. User-friendly and effective, our mCavi device has the perfect grip in order to give you the control and precision you need.