Imperium med 400

Imperium med 400 is a highly technical device for physical therapy treatment. It works through the emission of radiofrequency of high intensity (400 watt).

Moreover, different working modalities and several operative modes enhance the effectiveness of the aesthetic treatments on the face and the body.

دستگاه امپریوم مد 400


  •         Patented innovation: Diathermocontraction for the 1st time, with only one handpiece, simultaneously you can generate an endogenous heat and a muscle tonification with the contraction
  •         One of the most powerful diathermy systems by RF on the market: 400 watts

A real working station for physio-aesthetic:

  •         The most versatile plug and treat platform
  •         Low and high frequency ultrasound
  •         Epidermoabrasion to remove up to 50% of stratum corneum
  •         Non-invasive Mesotherapy
  •         Lipolytic and lipoclasic ultracavitation
  •         High energy radiofrequency for the body
  •         Radiofrequency for facial bio-stimulation
  •         RF T-point for lines and stretch marks
  •         Cellulite treatment with RF multiaction
  •         Capacitive radiofrequency
  •         Resistive radiofrequency

·         thermoGym for automatic Diathermocontraction on the body (no operator)

ایمپریوم مد


Imperium med 400 has different probes connected to a single plug for various treatments, allowing one to pass rapidly from the radiofrequency function to the ultrasound function of low or medium frequency.

This device is equipped with the TSL (Thermic Saturation Level), a system of thermal saturation.

It is also equipped with Diathermo-Contraction which is a new way to catch deep muscles and tissues allowing Diathermy by radiofrequency and Muscular Contraction at the same time.

Thanks to its physical principles, the Diathermologie demonstrates the capabilities of electromagnetism to penetrate biological tissues from the surface to deeper and deeper layers, like no other form of physical therapy, exercising its effectiveness in different parts of the body.


It acts on:

  •         Muscles
  •         Adipose tissue (lipolysis)
  •         Connective tissue (regeneration of collagen)
  •         Skin and bone tissue (eutrophic and repairing)
  •         Vascular tissue (vasodilation and capillarization)
  •         Tissue trophism

Fields of applications:

  •         Aesthetical rehabilitation and medical aesthetics
  •         Physiatric medicine
  •         Rheumatology
  •         Sport medicine
  •         Orthopedy
  •         Neurology


  •         RF capacitive Electrode canvex 400W
  •         Resistive electrode convex
  •         Multiaction Resistive/capacitive electrode
  •         Box-Thermo GYM (automatic therapy)
  •         RF-Electrode T-Point
  •         Traditional RF-Capacitive
  •         Traditional RF-resistive
  •         Low frequency ultrasound (cavitation)
  •         Low frequency ultrasound 1MHZ (optional)
  •         Electroperator (optional)