medaria fractional radiofrequency, which has been designed in California, has elevated this technology. Ignite, despite its high penetration depth, is painless, delivers the greatest amount of energy to the skin, and its effectiveness is obvious in the first session. Ignite provides different tools or solutions for any kind of skin problem or wrinkles.

the Real painless Fractional

In fractional systems, the entrance of the needle into the tissue and the heat created by the concentration of radiofrequency cause a great deal of pain in the treatment area. The pain reduces the treatment accuracy, so the doctor has to use less power and less needle penetration. Let’s see what medaria solution is for treatment pain.

Cooling tissue, without injection or the use of medicines, is an effective and safe way to control pain. In this device, two methods have been designed for pain controlling that you can choose as an option for your system when purchasing.

The first option is cold compressed air with atmospheric pressure applied to the tissue. The air ducts are right above the fractional needles that operate under the control of the device’s operating system and constantly cool the skin during the treatment. By doing this, along with reducing pain, they also prevent damage to the skin surface.

The second solution is an engineering masterpiece that uses nitrogen gas at the pressure of 100 atmospheres and 80 degrees Celsius below zero. This system is designed intelligently and fires nitrogen three times for each pulse, twenty milliseconds before the radio frequency reaches the tissue, right in the middle of the pulse width, and just after the end of the pulse.

By doing this, the customer will experience a painless treatment. There is no burning, also lowering the skin temperature by the use of nitrogen gas by negative eighty degrees increases the rejuvenating effects furthermore, the healing time decreases. We recommend this option to professional therapists.


Ignite is the first microknife hybrid device which is a 6fold hybrid. The system uses mono-polar and bipolar radiofrequency simultaneously in a single pulse to deliver energy from superficial to deep layers of the skin. The advanced radiofrequency generator of the device will not limit you to a single frequency because it is capable of producing radio frequencies from 2000 kHz to one MHz, which sometimes can change in a single pulse.

Therefore, each client can be offered a specific treatment according to his/her needs, skin type, body anatomy, or climate he/she lives.

Since the needles of fractional radiofrequency can transmit only small amounts of energy, the Ignite device uses micro-knives instead of needles. Microknives can greatly increase energy transmission. In the Ignite hybrid, in addition to 630 nm diode, carboxy cooling therapy and vibration penetration are also used.

Vibro-percussion Penetration VPP

Everybody who has used fractional radiofrequency knows that inserting all the needles into the skin causes severe pain that is not pleasant for the doctor as well. On the other hand, any part of the skin needs a certain depth and power that the doctor will realize only by examining the skin condition of the area.

The fractional handpiece of medaria is equipped with VPP technology, which acts as a hammer vibrator engine. The needle insertion into the tissue can be more easily with the help of VPP technology, also it disrupts the sensory terminals of the pain so that it reduces the patient’s pain. This technique is especially helpful in treating acne, deep wrinkles, and cracks in the skin because in these cases, special needles with deep penetration should be used.

Versatile tips

The right tools are necessary to provide perfect jobs. We strongly agree with this principle, and therefore at Ignite, various tips have been designed for users, each of which is a separate patent.

Face fractional tip

Working on the face requires high precision and the fractional tip of the face is designed for this purpose. The surface of this tip is 15 by 15 mm squares, which has 35 needles with a penetration depth of 1.5 to 5 mm.

Body fractional tip

Complaints about décolleté wrinkles, sagging skin on the abdomen and arms, inside the thighs, and folds on the knees are among the most common complaints of clients for which there is no effective treatment. A fractional body tip with a cross-section of 25 cm by 25 cm is designed to treat large areas of the body in a short period of time. This tip has 77 needles that penetrate the skin from 2.5 mm to 10 mm and produce extraordinary results in the treatment of the skin.

Hook tip

This special tip is very different from other ones and its usage requires separate training. It does not penetrate the skin vertically. It enters angled and it does not move around the vertical axis. The needles are hook-like so they are locked after penetrating the skin to concentrate maximum energy right in the wrinkles to lift. Although working with this tip requires expertise, its clinical results are impressive.

Acne tip

Acne is the most common skin condition, and Ignite has got a special tip for acne treatment. This tip is designed for active acne treatment as well as acne scars. It can penetrate from 1.5 to 10 mm depth and can be easily used for the subsection.

Frequency and pulse / engineered from PCB to tip

Ignite is equipped with variable frequencies and variable pulse width, which is designed with tips and probes:

  • We choose the right frequency for you.
  • Each protocol has a specific set pulse duration.
  • Unlike other devices, Ignite has an adjustable pulse. It Covers pulse duration, short pulse, and long pulse.
  • Smart operating system
  • Never lose your freshness; you can upgrade your Ignite for free.
  • 630 nm laser
  • Radiofrequency probes