DermUp utilizes radio frequency energy. The availability of special frequencies, probes equipped with variable polarities and high power enables the therapists to access deep la.
This energy works on the surface and the depth of the skin as well. Radiofrequency can heat the tissue, increasing temperature in tissue shrimps protein binding length and contracts collagens. Also, it can help collagen formation.

دستگاه درم آپ

· Non invasive
· Long lasting
· Full body treatment
· No downtime
· Fast
· No pain
· No side effect


Medaria’s exclusive six wave technology is multi-frequency, phase-controlled radiofrequency diathermy that is state-of-the-art, safe and effective. DermUP stands for the latest generation in the evolution of diathermy professional skin and body treatment systems.

The availability of different frequencies optimizes the diathermy at different tissue depths and improves treatment accuracy and offers flexibility for the practitioner.


· Reduction of wrinkles and facial lines
· Neck and face skin rejuvenation
· Full-body skin tightness
· Acne and scar treatment
· double chin removal
· prevention of pregnancy stretch marks
· Collagenization and increase elasticity
· Décolleté and upper body rejuvenation
· Hands and arms rejuvenation
· Local fat removal
· Reshaping décolleté and upper body part
· Abdominal and side reduction
· Radio Mesotherapy
· Hair loss prevention
· Reflex Therapy

dermup device

· Selective: unique RF handpiece emits focal diathermy, ideal for pre-orbital rejuvenation, wrinkle and line stimulation, small area treatment.

· Tetra: a versatile handpiece of 4 antenna

· Mono: deep stimulation of mono handpiece is ideal for deep diathermy in different body area

· Body master RSL (Resistive Seven polar-Large): for skin lift and lipolysis simultaneously

· Body master RXL (Resistive – Xlarge): for deep diathermy and size reduction

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هندپیس دستگاه درم آپ
هندپیس درم آپ