Our Secret To Intimacy

Women everywhere all desire to be younger as time goes on. They look for satisfaction and want to keep their relationship as passionate as it were before they became pregnant

Ladies, look no further: Satisfaction is in your hands.

Higgs can reinforce and strengthen your muscles effectively without any pain by using thermal contractile energy, as if you were doing cardio exercises.

Pelvic floor and vaginal laxity is a common problem post-pregnancy or in significant aging. This problem can reduce the satisfaction of intercourse and, in time, devastate the relationship between partners.

Skin laxity is also a common problem, and no area is safe from the damages of aging. This results in lackluster functionality of the connective tissues and muscles. The energy of Higgs is a sure and proven way in many clinical studies to make these problems fade easily.

higgs device

Designed to be successful

The biggest achievement of a professionally-done treatment has to be the happiness of the client and success of the treatment. What do you use when the client asks for a better life? Higgs is the answerHiggs uses state-of-the-art software with amazing features not found in any other devices. This smart software can direct Higgs’ energy to the tissue’s surface or to a more in-depth layer such as the muscles, which results in a unique treatment for every indication.



Higgs utilizes controlled radiofrequency heat as a non-hormonal and non-surgical treatment for women. There are immediate visual results right after the first treatment which helps the client trust the process.

Some of the superior features of Higgs include:

·        Powerful and effective treatment with immediate and constant results

·        Intelligent, simultaneous treatment of both tissue and muscle

·        No need for anaesthetics

·        Pain and injury free

·        No need for recovery or sexual inactivity

·        No need for antibiotics or drugs

·        No need for physical therapy during or after treatment as opposed to lasers

·        Suitable for all ages

·        Suitable for all skin types

·        No risk of infection

·        No need for incisions or surgery

Higgs features for operators

· Intelligent software with advanced safety protocols
· Simple and user-friendly
· Easy temperature monitoring via the infrared sensor
· No recovery period for the patient and operator as opposed to lasers
· No need for a high-energy power source as opposed to lasers
· Internal vaginal and external vaginal applicators
· Hands-free handpiece for the operator
· Homogenized energy delivery system via 4 to 6 independent channels
· Aesthetic, easy-to-use 4 wheel trolley


Higgs bio-stimulates pelvic organs and tissues through combined radiofrequency waves. The muscles are contracted in an aerobic fashion, reinforcing the pelvic and vaginal muscles.
Higgs comes equipped with three ergonomic applicators designed to tackle different indications:
1. IQ-A: Intimate Internal-vaginal Quadric Applicator
2. EQ-A: External Urinary Applicator
3. AQ-A: Disposable Anal Applicator (coming soon)
All these applicators are tested to perform pleasant, safe treatments.

  • · Vaginal Rejuvenation
    · Vaginal Dryness treatment
    · Urinary incontinence
    · Pelvic floor pain treatment
    · Prolapse Treatment
    · Improve sexual satisfaction and consistency of orgasm
    · Relieve muscle atrophy
    · Relieve sexual pains and burns
    · Sexual disorders
    · Vaginal dryness
    · Sexual dysfunction
    · Orgasmic disorders