Thermo-Contraction (TC) is the latest state of art solution to treat various clinical and aesthetic problems.

Thanks to medaria® the R&D department who invented this unique high-tech solution.

Depending on the number and length of different frequencies used in Thermo-Contracion, it could be effective on both superficial and deep tissues such as:

  • Skin
  • Fat
  • Muscle
  • Bone

As you know, one of the limitations and the failure of previous procedures is that the method was effective on just one type of tissues or to a limited depth; The inability makes physicians using  multiple different devices together ! More device is equal to more undesirable cost and more needful space in office!….On the other hand due to the inability, the clinical effects will have a great reduction.

Helpful Thermo-Contraction technology is the first choice in most part of aesthetic treatments. Even it could be use for patients with orthopedic problems or in physiotherapy treatments! And the indications will be growing up continuously…


TC can be used for aging, facial laxity and sagging, and wrinkles treatments. Muscle tonification, reshaping and lifting will ends to results on both muscle and skin in same time! At the end fibroblasts will be stimulated, collagen and elastin will be regenerated, so the result is skin tigthening and wrinkles reduction!

At the same time an aerobic contraction will occur in facial muscles so the elasticity and power of muscles increase; it leads sagging exist in cheeks, chin, neck and jaw into a huge elimination. The results is visible immediately after treatment, improve in time and last for months.